AviGrain Pro Grain

  • The complete grain mix the professionals use.
  • The grain based mix with 15% protein – plant based with lupins, peas and canola not chemicals like urea or using RAM meat or fish meal.
  • Wide range of oilseeds providing oils, fats and proteins.
  • Ultimate in palatability – no sorghum – no waste.
  • Supplemented with hi protein layer crumbles, high in protein, vitamin and mineral supplement, natural herbal coccidiostat plus grits.

Contains: Wheat, Cracked and Whole Corn, Whole and Cracked Peas, Whole and Cracked Lupins, Hi Protein Layer Crumbles, Millet, Sunflowers, Safflower, Canola and/or grits.

Protein: 15%min, Fat: 3%min, Fibre: 5%max, Salt: <0.3%, Energy Mj/kg: 3000 kCal/Kg as fed.

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