Pryde’s EasiFeed Four Old Timer

Maintenance feed for resting, aged and lightly worked horses.  A scientifically formulated, oat free muesli blend, containing extruded grains, legumes, oilseeds and vitamin and mineral pellets, all rolled in molasses and cold pressed canola oil for a palatable and scientifically balanced complete feed.

  • The extruded grains and oilseeds provide an easily digested, ‘cool’ energy base combined with quality protein and essential amino acids to maintain condition, muscling and coat shine in horses entering their senior years.
  • The muesli blend is softened and sweetened by a coating of molasses and oils for palatability and ease of chewing, making it ideal for horses with ‘picky’ eating habits or aged horses with poor teeth.
  • Contains a stabilised pellet incorporating balanced minerals for skeletal strength as well as vitamins, and trace minerals in Bioplex(R) organic form to maintain joint cartilage and function.

Available in: 25kg

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